Saturday, June 2, 2012

#49 go to a political event with daddy

So I am not totally supportive of Seth's political ambitions.  Mostly because I don't care for politics, never have. Secondly because it takes him away from family time. Seth planned this political/birthday bbq a little over a week ago. I stayed out of the planning and said I would come and bring the kids. I had a good time. Thanks my friends for coming to support Seth and entertain me!
We only had a couple oh-ohs
Seth left the hamburger and hotdog buns at home. When I drove home to get them I learned that he forgot to close the garage too. Jax only fell off the pic-nic bench once.
 the kids and dad before everyone showed up
 more interested in cars
that's ketchup on Jax's lip.
I like to call him hitler boy, appropriate at the libertarian for office bbq!

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