Sunday, June 3, 2012

#26 celebrate daddy's birthday

Daddy's birthday celebration started Saturday night.
We were sitting around 5:30 wondering what to do for dinner and I was asking what he wanted for dinner on Sunday...his birthday. He said stir fry, but the last few we had made were not very good. So we decided on Pei Wei that night.
Jax and daddy eating their dinner happily
as were me, wes and sami. 
if they ate this well every's pei wei for dinner every night!
how wes eats lo mein, a big handful of noodles stuffed in his mouth.
chopstick fun
we went next door to yogurtland for dessert. this was our first visit. we bought 2 cups and shared. 
the kids were awesome at sharing...well maybe not jax
my boys eating their yogurt.
we had a great night as a family
today before church the kids each had a gift for daddy. 
they took the gifts out of the bags for daddy too:)
Dads rootbeer, an audio book and some new shorts
after church....wes slept
and sami slept
and jax slept. 
while i made my mom's yummy chicken, couscous and lemon bars.
what the birthday boy requested
we had a quiet dinner, as the kids slept through dinner too
after the kids woke and ate dinner we sang to daddy
we were talking to my mom on facetime, so grandma and uncle jeff sang happy birthday with us.
I think it was a great day

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