Monday, June 18, 2012

#1 go to the beach

My mom flew in Early Wednesday morning.
After sleeping, eating and packing we loaded up and took the long road around to Galveston. Long road meaning we took a detour to a quilt shop that I like that is 2 hours away. We had a blast at the beach...I missed the salty sea air. So happy grandma was there to help and that the kids asked grandma for everything!
 what sami enjoyed at the beach...
writing and playing in the mud
 Jax wanted to be held. 
I wanted pictures of his cute belly button. 
I love his belly button...
 ...and the fact that he smiles and giggles when I push in his belly buton
 I was a bit scared that this boy would not like the beach. 
He LOVED it!
 running back
 running into the water
 look at that happiness!
oh yeah and getting so soaked your pants fall off!

I am so happy I could take the kids to the beach and hope that it will become a yearly tradition!

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