Friday, June 29, 2012

#44 see a clown

We went to Sachse library yesterday, to see Boocoos the clown. He was funny and I would have been totally entertained if I wasn't trying to keep Jax quiet and tell Weston upteen times that he is not getting a "nola" (granola) bar right now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

#52 cedar hill state park

We went to Cedar hill state park to learn about geocaching.
I thought it would be something my "geeky" husband would enjoy doing with us as a family.
The kids loved looking for treasure!

#17 outside movie

Drive in movie to see BRAVE
The drive in theater nearest to our home is an hour away...south of Dallas.
And a drive in movie in June, not the best idea. It was hot.
$6 for adults, kids 3 and under free...pretty good deal. 
trying to get situated
picnicking in the back of the minivan
movie starting

Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm trying to be like daddy

My mustache and gotte are better then yours.
I can just lick them off when I get hungry later!

#92 makes cookies

So we used to make sugar cookies all the time with Eli. When she was at my house the other day she asked if we could make sugar cookies. Since it is on our summer list and I do anything Eli asks me. We made cookies. But I cheated a bit, I didn't make the roll out kind, I made the kind that I push the dough into shapes in a pan. I don't have a summer time pan, so we had valentine, easter, halloween and christmas cookies. The frosting was really runny so these were not the prettiest cookies we've made. But they were good!
 Eli and Sami decorating the cookies
 eating the cookies
she was totally staging her cookie eating picture

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#23 celebrate fathers day

Fathers Day
We asked Seth what he wanted for dinner and he said steak. So he had to bbq our steaks. I think he was disappointed he had to cook his own food.
I am so glad my kids have such a great father! 
 seth got 3 new work shirts that he had picked out. 
the kids and I picked out 3 new ties to match.
 jax fell as he was taking daddy his shirt and tie. 
he has to do everything the twins do.
 we took pictures on the beach of each kid holding D-A-D letters and I arranged them in this frame for home
 and enlarged and framed this picture for work.
daddy with his kiddos

Monday, June 18, 2012

#1 go to the beach

My mom flew in Early Wednesday morning.
After sleeping, eating and packing we loaded up and took the long road around to Galveston. Long road meaning we took a detour to a quilt shop that I like that is 2 hours away. We had a blast at the beach...I missed the salty sea air. So happy grandma was there to help and that the kids asked grandma for everything!
 what sami enjoyed at the beach...
writing and playing in the mud
 Jax wanted to be held. 
I wanted pictures of his cute belly button. 
I love his belly button...
 ...and the fact that he smiles and giggles when I push in his belly buton
 I was a bit scared that this boy would not like the beach. 
He LOVED it!
 running back
 running into the water
 look at that happiness!
oh yeah and getting so soaked your pants fall off!

I am so happy I could take the kids to the beach and hope that it will become a yearly tradition!

#21 beach sunset

These are the closest we came to sunset. It got dark late and come on I have 3 YOUNG kids.
We couldn't stay out forever...
 The restaurant where grandma and I had yummy shrimp.
Kids had hotdogs, toasted cheese and fries
smiley jax

#20 walk in the sand

We drove to Galveston Wednesday.
Walked across to the beach after dinner of fried scrimp for me..yum yum.
So this is the kids first time on the beach. They mostly loved it. Jax started out good and declined. Made us hold him most of the trip.
walking with Grandma
shoes off
when he let me put him down. 
happy at first
he turned into tears a few minutes later
yeah that's mud on her face  and ocean on her clothes
dry...why would we stay dry?

#2 make a sandcastle

Our first try at building sandcastles
 our sandcastle is in these 3 buckets. the castle didn't last very long after I picked up the buckets
but we enjoyed playing in the sand

We are excited to go back to the beach and make more sandcastles!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

#7 water park

We went to the Moody Gardens Palm Beach water park in Galveston.
It was the cheapest water park I could find.  As kids 3 and under were free and I had a $2 off coupon.
My favorite part of a water park is the lazy river. We tried to get the kids in tubes and well it didn't work. So it ended up being Jax and I.
They loved the splash pad and the little kids slides. Jax played with the chairs in the splash pad area and generally stayed away from the water.
 the bucket dumping water on twins and grandma
after...let's do it again
Weston loved to be dumped on. But had to have grandma with him.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

#39 visit family

My Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bill and their family live about 2 hours North of us in Oklahoma. So today we finally took that drive up to see them. I wish I didn't wait so long for the first trip. I had so much fun chatting with them. My Uncle Terry doesn't live to far from them so he came over to. Kathy and Terry are my dad's siblings and I enjoyed my time with them today. The twins were entertained by the older kids and gave me a break. Jax hardly left my sight, and naptime got a little sketchy. But I think all the hollist's enjoyed our day trip.
taking a ride on the "bicycle" as the twins are calling it

Friday, June 8, 2012

#4 eat a hotdog

We are eating the leftovers from Seth's BBQ tonight. I noticed that all 3 of my kids had hotdogs in front of them and realized "hey, that's on our list". So here are the Hollist kids eating a hotdog or more.
 Jax ate 2 hotdogs
 Sami ate 3 hotdogs!
Did I mention she loves hotdogs?
Wes might have eaten 1 bite.
I ate a hamburger

#43 scavenger hunt

Sachse library had a scavenger hunt this afternoon. The twins enjoyed walking their "maps" around and getting stamps. One stop was the firetruck another the police truck. We also learned about homing pigeons and saw them fly away.
getting the fireman's hats, jax and sami love these
sitting in the firetruck
and in the back of the police truck
reading some books in the library

#15 summer kickoff party

We went to the Wylie library summer reading kickoff party this morning. The weather was great and the kids seemed to enjoy. Then we went home for lunch and to pick up dad, and went to another item on our list...
 sami found the chalk as soon as we got there
 stood in line for an hour for these balloons. wes took his off within 2 minutes and jax's popped a few minutes after that. but sami's lasted all day
turn-ed around, standing in the stroller smiling at me

Thursday, June 7, 2012

#75 trip to Ikea

We made a trip to Ikea with our friends yesterday. Had a great time. Jax and I enjoyed the meatballs for lunch. I bought some train sets for potty training incentives for Wes. We will see if we are successful or not.
 looks like they already know how to hang out on the beach
 just playing
wes asked for the trains from the second we walked in the door.
we haven't been to Ikea in a long time but he remembered.