Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phoenix Zoo

The next day, we woke up in our lovely hotel room. Met my mom for lunch at my most favorite place ever...Tia Rosas!
With our bellies full of yumminess we spent the afternoon at the Phoenix Zoo. The weather was beautiful.
kids had so much fun with the maps. 
they looked so adult pulling them out every few minutes.
Wes following grandma
so nice to have daddy and grandma. I got jax, grandma the twins....
and seth took alot of pictures of the animals.
more map reading
the only picture with daddy. 
but proves he was there.
if weston wasn't looking at a map...
he wanted to push jax in the stoller
playing in the kid area
sam driving the tractor
and milking the cow
and brushing the goats. 
she just ran from one thing to another...such a little "lamb"
wes was interested in the poop
and the tire
warthog..i think
more on the warthog
this reminds me of something...

All 3 kids have a pair of sunglasses. Miss Sami wears hers. If you didn't notice in the pictures, go back and look again...;)

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