Sunday, May 27, 2012

lamb lady luncheon and rest of AZ trip

We had a relaxing time at my grandma's house in Wickenburg.
My aunt charla or as the kids say larla was visiting from West Virginia. We ate yummy grandma food...thanks for making monkey bread just for me. Sat around the back porch and talked.
Trying to get some cute pictures of the kids...not cooperating. 
wes watching tv
sami being silly
jax being jax

Left Wickenburg, drove back to Mesa and stayed with some friends from my high school days. 
This trip was to attend the annual LAMB LADY LUNCHEON. I of course brought along 2 little boys with my 1 lamb lady.
Megan, Emily and Sami coloring a wooden doll.
Sami sat there and colored for an hour. 

Wes got bored and ran away long before, if he sat down at all. 
 Lost him for a few minutes, found him at another pavallion. 
He was trying to join a strangers birthday party for the treats. 
Scared me pretty good when i couldn't find him.
Some beautiful Lamb ladies. My Grandma Lamb and my sister in law, Mandi
Larla and I went into phoenix one day to shop. My grandma watched Jax and we took the twins.
they liked the fake dog at old navy. Wish I took more pictures in Wickenburg;(

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