Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gateway air show

The next day, we went to the Mesa Gateway airshow. It was free, almost next to our hotel. We thought the kids would enjoy the ride on the parking shuttles from the parking lot to the event. But we were all a bit cranky that morning.
jax sick of the stroller...i think
still not happy
wanted to drive the firetruck
look at the grumpy face. 
yeah he wasn't happy that day
pushing the diaper bag...awesome.
wes sad he wasn't pushing the stroller
one and only smile. what a cute firebaby
and his handsome daddy fireman
not letting me put him down. 
think i was done by this point.
Sami driving, she's going to be just like her mommy. 
can't wait till sami and I can roadtrip together...woohoo

So pretty sure we had rosas again, met up with my mom and checked out the mesa quiltshow.
Seth entertained the kids outside. Think grandma preferred outside with kids to. But I enjoyed checking out the quilts and booths. 

We went looking for dessert, gave up, took grandma home, seth to the airport and the kids and i drove to wickenburg to visit my grandma and start the daddyless portion of the trip.

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