Sunday, May 27, 2012

Easter 2012

 Easter decorations in my house
 My Mother in law sent these cute decorations home with me from Utah.
Thanks Marla!
 I am ashamed to admit they are still on my mantle at the end of May.
They are just so cute. 
Guess its time to put my patriotic stuff back up.
 our practice easter egg hunt in the back yard.
 Our neighborhood has an annual easter egg hunt. 
this year is the first year we made it.
Sami was the only one brave enough to join the madness
 Wes sad he didn't get any eggs.
Sami shared with both her brothers, isn't that sweet
 jax walked around with daddy
 jax easter morning
sam easter morning
wes easter morning. 
they had to collect the eggs hidden around the living room.
we read an easter story every night leading up to easter morning and hung a picture of jesus on our jesus eggy tree (as the kids call it) after each book. 
the jesus eggy tree is on the mantle if you want to scroll back up to see it.

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