Thursday, May 31, 2012

#16 concert by the harbor

Rockwall has a concert by the lake series every summer.
Every thursday night its a different group. Tonight it was Blaze of Glory...a Bon Jovi tribute band.
I thought Bon Jovi music would be worth going to. The weather was great and the kids did great. Especially since it started at 7:30 pm. This adventure was just the kids and I.
 Wes in his new camp chair eating his first lunchable
he fell out of the chair twice. poor guy.
 Sami doing the same
caught Sami taping her foot to the beat of the music
that's chocolate pudding smeared across Jax face
liked this picture of Jax

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#24 paint the patio with water

A friend told me how a bucket of water and a paint brush entertained her kids. So I put in on the list. I cleaned up the back patio a few weeks ago, to give the kids somewhere else to play.
Jax loves carrying around containers, especially if it has a handle.
they painted the table
and the wall
and the wall some more. 
They will probably do this daily

#77 music makers end of year party

We are involved in a co-op playgroup every Tuesday. The moms volunteer to either do storytime, with snack, marching time or singing time.
There are no pictures of Jaxon because he was on my lap or in my arms the whole time today. He gets very clingy when we leave the house these days. UGH
Wes eating his muffin under the tent for storytime.
Sami laying by the pretend pool as we were cooling off after our pretend track and field day.
We had a long distance run, sprints and standing long jump. (I was in charge of marching time)
Wes took his shoes off to get into the pool. Other kids already "swimming"

99 days of hollist summer fun

In an effort to have a more enjoyable summer I have made a list of 99 things to do in the 99 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I didn't realize we celebrate both Seth's and my birthday during that time. But it is on the list as #26 and #27.
My goal is to take pictures of each of these activities and blog about it. Let's see if I can follow through.
(These will be accomplished in no particular order. The activities were randomly numbered too.)

Memorial weekend

Kids have been sick all weekend. Sami and Jax started Thursday, Wes joined in Saturday, I think.
Daddy sick Monday and still home today. 
Friday the whole family...daddy too went to the pool. I was hoping the heat and sun would kill the germs. 

But we have been doing this lately. Sleeping, watching lots of netflix and disney movies.
Sami only needed one breathing treatment.
Wes has lost his voice.
Jax just wants to be held and whines about everything.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dallas Zoo

We checked out the Dallas Zoo with some friends at the beginning of May. We had fun and think we are going to check out the Fort Worth Zoo this summer. See how many zoo's we can visit in one year:)
 all the kids
 Sami feeding the giraffe
 jax looking at the giraffe
 Sami and Scotland on the train around the zoo.
think the kids were excited for train and bored by the time it was over.
it moved very slow
wes playing on the tree slide

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bluebonnets 2012

I was afraid I would miss the bluebonnets with my roadtrip...but I didn't!
Weston was the only one that was interested in pictures. Jax wouldn't let me put him down and Sami whined the whole time. Maybe next year...

Aren't these Hollist kids cute!

Easter 2012

 Easter decorations in my house
 My Mother in law sent these cute decorations home with me from Utah.
Thanks Marla!
 I am ashamed to admit they are still on my mantle at the end of May.
They are just so cute. 
Guess its time to put my patriotic stuff back up.
 our practice easter egg hunt in the back yard.
 Our neighborhood has an annual easter egg hunt. 
this year is the first year we made it.
Sami was the only one brave enough to join the madness
 Wes sad he didn't get any eggs.
Sami shared with both her brothers, isn't that sweet
 jax walked around with daddy
 jax easter morning
sam easter morning
wes easter morning. 
they had to collect the eggs hidden around the living room.
we read an easter story every night leading up to easter morning and hung a picture of jesus on our jesus eggy tree (as the kids call it) after each book. 
the jesus eggy tree is on the mantle if you want to scroll back up to see it.

Utah and Idaho portion

So after I got my fill of Rosas, and the snow cleared off the roads up north. I packed up the van with the kids and drove from Mesa, AZ to Roy, UT to sleep at Esthers house for the night. The all day drive by myself was actually great. The kids traveled really well. I think I only stopped 3 times, maybe 4. But no one screamed at me and that was 10 hours of driving. I think Jax slept alot...and ate alot!
We got up the next morning packed up again, drove a bit to visit Grandma and Grandpa Hollist. Stayed with them a few hours then drove up to Rexburg, Id to see my brother and his family.
I got a nice break in Idaho. Mandi spoiled me by watching my kids so I could play. 
First Justin flew me to Driggs for lunch.
Idaho in the spring.
(Packing for 3 kids, for 3 weeks and going from hot Mesa to cold Idaho...challenge.
Just wanted to throw that in)
I think this was the flight back. I was full on my delicious black and blue burger.
Jax playing at the lamb house.
Then Mandi watched my kids again so I could go see The Hunger Games with my nephew.
Honestly wasn't into the Hunger games, but I hadn't been in a theater in more months then I could remember. 
So hooked now. Loved the movie. 
Bought and read the first book and half of the second to Seth on the drive home to Texas. Finished second and third books days after we got home. Should have been unpacking and digging out of messy home, nope I read;)

Didn't see much of the twins in Idaho, only to force diaper changes, gave up on having them finish a meal and they screamed at bedtime because they wanted to keep playing. Goodtimes!

Back in Utah
Esther, the kids and I checked out the new City Creek Mall.
Jax likes the play area
and Sami too!
Seth flew to Utah to hang out for a day and drive us back home.
I think I might have told him I was only coming home if he came and got me. 
Grandpa, Esther, Ryan and our family went to Boondocks.
Esther and Jax
driving the cars
I mised part of the fun. 
After lunch I got sick and went and slept in the car. 
I hear everyone had a good time.