Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines 2012

I have been planning for a month all the things I wanted to make and do for valentines this year.
Sunday I realized, I only have a day left. So yesterday I appliqued 3 shirts and made Sami's skirt. (super easy by the way) i found the directions here. Went to 3 stores, to get supplies and the twins had specific requests. In the past month, Sami let me know she wanted butterfly earrings and Weston wanted a blue duck. (we only have a pink duck, for bathtime...don't ask me why we need blue.) Couldn't find blue, so Wes got purple, jax got orange. These items weren't asked specifically as valentine gifts, but i turned them into gifts.
trying to get a picture of shirts this morning.
jax put his toys down for me.
valentines i made for the kids to give to friends.
sami gave these heart barrettes.
jax gave these bags of m&m's.
finally a smile from the little princess.

they each got a shirt, a heart plate,a pez dispenser, a little box of chocolates. plus the gift they requested. the boys got more cars and sami another little princess to add to her collection
weston's "loot" this morning
sami's "loot"
and jax
can't leave out jax
airplanes weston gave to his friends.
Seth helped me with the boys valentines last night.
thanks dear!

I know i probably over did with the shirts and homemade valentines. Stayed up way to late finishing things up. Weston is a pill today because he won't eat his meals and begs for candy.
but it's all totally worth it!

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