Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jaxon 1 Year old

Can you believe Jaxon is 1 now!
I can't. I want him to stay my baby forever. He is the cutest, happiest guy.
He lets you know when he is mad. But not very often. He follows the twins around and entertains himself. LOVE this BOY
Before the birthday cupcakes.
Marla made the cupcakes....while I sewed.
Best vacation ever!
And after. This wasn't his first cupcake.
I believe he sampled the twins birthday cupcakes.
Not to messy...
Picture with his "cupcake".
Get used to these cupcakes.
Birthday kid will get a picture next to it every year.
Think the ball was his favorite present.
He got a little people airplane that he didn't actually play with till the twins went to bed.
Then we found him playing with it the same way Weston was. Filling it with cars!

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