Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

Our living room after Santa visited...
Jax tricycle stroller, white chair for toddler table and bear
Sami baby doll crib and pig
Wes race track and moose
Jax was more interested in going through our piles of opened gifts then opening or playing with his own. He is not to excited about the trike yet. I hope he will like it more when we are outside with the twins on their bikes.
Sami opened her gifts and piled them by her crib and put all the dolls in it. She got a baby doll and Aurora princess doll. She hasn't quite figured out how to play with dolls yet. Her "baby" sleeps in the crib alot...while she is playing cars with her brothers.
Weston got two tracks. This one that attaches to the counter and a side by side racing track that Grandpa Rand made. (He made Sami's crib too)
Weston got a carrier to put all his match box cars in and a remote control "Lightning."
He has been totally focused on playing and hasn't enjoyed his siblings interrupting him.
Our family.

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