Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween 2011

Little slow posting'll forgive me right?
grumpy princess and airplane. probably because they just woke up.
Seth told me Wes would stand there and stare at people while trick or treating.
He must have been staring them down for more candy, because his bag was twice as full as Sami's.
My sweet family before the neighborhood trick or treating on Halloween.
First for the kids.
I had fun taking them around.
Got difficult when they wouldn't walk past the big blow up black cat in front of one of the houses.
The fight to wear the costume was easier this year.
He told me one morning "no dinosaur" I said "ok , you don't fit in dinosaur, your an airplane this year" he thought about it for awhile.."yes airplane" he told me.
We still had tears though...
Isn't Jax just the cutest cow ever?

Sami totally loved being cinderella and wes came around
Asleep BEFORE the trunk or treat!
love my sweet family!

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GrandmaCarolyn said...

I love Sami's lip. Jaxon looks like both his brother and sister. They are all gorgeous children. Grandma's can say that as much as they want.