Sunday, November 13, 2011

the witch party

We got to go to this fun witch party that our friend Annabeth had......not liking that I poured my cup of brew back in the caldron, then they took the caldron away?
stirring the brew
why do they always make us take these group pictures?
give me that broom...
....look i have a broom cookie ever! can you tell?
i'm decorating my hat, that i WILL NOT put on my head
stirring stirring stirring...

Halloween 2011

Little slow posting'll forgive me right?
grumpy princess and airplane. probably because they just woke up.
Seth told me Wes would stand there and stare at people while trick or treating.
He must have been staring them down for more candy, because his bag was twice as full as Sami's.
My sweet family before the neighborhood trick or treating on Halloween.
First for the kids.
I had fun taking them around.
Got difficult when they wouldn't walk past the big blow up black cat in front of one of the houses.
The fight to wear the costume was easier this year.
He told me one morning "no dinosaur" I said "ok , you don't fit in dinosaur, your an airplane this year" he thought about it for awhile.."yes airplane" he told me.
We still had tears though...
Isn't Jax just the cutest cow ever?

Sami totally loved being cinderella and wes came around
Asleep BEFORE the trunk or treat!
love my sweet family!

catching up

showing off our cute Paris shirts from Aunt Esther!
Not walking yet, unless he has his hippo (above) or mommy or daddy's hands.
I grabbed the camera when I walked in the room and saw them watching TV next to each other.
Usually they are only next to each other because I posed them that way.

Sami's panda dress

So today was our wards' primary program, being primary secretary, I was involved. Sami and I went to church without the boys. We are feeling better from our household sickness. But I'm being really cautious, as I don't want to take sick kids to Utah for Thanksgiving.
Anyways I was little afraid to go sit on the stand with Sami drawing with a pen and pad of paper, but figured if she was quiet I would take the risk.
I guess the pad of paper got boring after she used her leg instead.
peek a boo SAMI
Sami loves her panda dress, grandma marla!