Friday, October 7, 2011

Twins Princess/Prince Party

Ok... I know what your thinking poor Weston...Princess Party. We just had a get together with the friends we normally play with. And they happen to all be girls. Maybe Mom needs to work on expanding the playdates???

So I had fun getting the PRINCESS and prince party together.
I found a free printable of princess theme cupcake toppers and made the sami. weston and 3rd to go with it. Cupcakes went over better then the cakes last year, easier too.
The girls came dressed in their princess gowns. But they each got to decorate a crown.
Weston wouldn't wear his. I'm honestly surprised he got in the ONE picture.
What a handsome prince surrounded by pretty princesses!
Sami loves her Cinderella gown, shoes and crown.
Which will double as her Halloween costume.
Unless I make her one, since this one is already falling apart.
And our handsome prince charming who REFUSES to wear his outfit...
The cape, shield and crown I MADE for him.
The princesses played musical chairs and kiss the frog.
Jax had fun playing with the balloons and checking out the frog.

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GrandmaCarolyn said...

The kids all look so cute. You did such a great job with all your preparations for the party. It was great to talk to the kids. Thanks.