Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twins birthday cupcake blocks

I found this cute book called Count On It by Art to Heart in my shopping hopping adventure...(not my only find, maybe I'll have the other projects done by Christmas)

It has a 12 x 12 block for each month of the year, along with numbers. So you can display the block or have a countdown to the holiday.
I started off with the Twins birthday blocks, which will be closely followed by a birthday block for Jaxon, my kids birthday's are too close together.
We are starting a new tradition of displaying the block on their birthday every year. I hope it will be something they look forward to. Twins have been excited to see the progress of their cupcakes as I've been working on them. And look done with a whole day to spare...

Now I have to work on preparations for a little princess/prince party tomorrow.

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