Tuesday, October 18, 2011

here comes halloween...

I finished the apothecary jars...this is my counter.
I dressed the kids up in their costumes last night.
I learned from last year...Can't put them on the first time and expect them to love it. Gotta ease him in. Weston cried for a while, I let him take it off. Put Jax's on...then Wes wanted his airplane.
Let me just say I wanted a prince, princess and frog prince. Wes refused. So we have a princess, airplane and cow.


Brynn said...

So, the princess can ride in an airplane to see her cow...see, it fits! :)

GrandmaCarolyn said...

Besides the cute kids (and by the way I am glad they have a mind of their own)...I like the orange oreo cookies the best. Let me know when you have the bucket list completed. If you do this everyday, it's almost like I get to talk to you...I just can't talk back:)