Saturday, October 22, 2011

Heritage Farmstead Museum

Friday we went to the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano with some friends.
It was a beautiful day and the kids had alot of fun. Lots of hands on experiences and not so busy that it was hard for Weston. We packed a lunch and ate there while the kids played around us. Good Day!

Me and my kids
I carried Jaxon around in my front carrier, until lunch then he sat on a blanket, spilled applesauce all over himself and part of me and tried to crawl to where the big kids were playing.
Weston and Sami loved the tractor ride. This was the second time around. When it was over Weston tried to climb back on for a third ride.
Whitewashing the fence.
Seems I need to buy some paintbrushes for at home play...or work.
Feeding the turkeys.
I think Sami would have feed them all day if turkey didn't nip at her.
Grinding the corn.
Roping the poor little lamb.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

here comes halloween...

I finished the apothecary jars...this is my counter.
I dressed the kids up in their costumes last night.
I learned from last year...Can't put them on the first time and expect them to love it. Gotta ease him in. Weston cried for a while, I let him take it off. Put Jax's on...then Wes wanted his airplane.
Let me just say I wanted a prince, princess and frog prince. Wes refused. So we have a princess, airplane and cow.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall mantle

I made these yesterday.
I thought my wooden pumpkins turned out cute!
My non-americana mantle.
Thursday I decided I wanted to decorate.
So I got out my few fall decorations, made some and got a package in the mail from Marla to add a few more. I'm not done yet though. I am in the middle of making apothecary jars and want to make some fabric pumpkins. I'll post the other projects when they are finished.

3 year olds

I took these the day after their birthday...because I forgot Saturday...but aren't they CUTE!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Twins 3rd Birthday

So do you like how I wrap bikes?
This is what the kids woke up to Saturday morning.
Sami was most interested in the bike at the store, after we picked out the Princess for the basket. Such a girl!
Weston didn't want to wear the helmet. He did alot better when we got outside.
Riding the bikes lasted about 10 minutes...
...then we walked the bikes home.
Jax watching brother and sister ride.
Weston loving his leapster...
...or video game as they call them.
Sami loves hers too.
I'm exhausted. Sooo happy birthdays come once a year. Now I need to get busy on Halloween, Jax Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas projects. Wish me luck!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Twins Princess/Prince Party

Ok... I know what your thinking poor Weston...Princess Party. We just had a get together with the friends we normally play with. And they happen to all be girls. Maybe Mom needs to work on expanding the playdates???

So I had fun getting the PRINCESS and prince party together.
I found a free printable of princess theme cupcake toppers and made the sami. weston and 3rd to go with it. Cupcakes went over better then the cakes last year, easier too.
The girls came dressed in their princess gowns. But they each got to decorate a crown.
Weston wouldn't wear his. I'm honestly surprised he got in the ONE picture.
What a handsome prince surrounded by pretty princesses!
Sami loves her Cinderella gown, shoes and crown.
Which will double as her Halloween costume.
Unless I make her one, since this one is already falling apart.
And our handsome prince charming who REFUSES to wear his outfit...
The cape, shield and crown I MADE for him.
The princesses played musical chairs and kiss the frog.
Jax had fun playing with the balloons and checking out the frog.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Twins birthday cupcake blocks

I found this cute book called Count On It by Art to Heart in my shopping hopping adventure...(not my only find, maybe I'll have the other projects done by Christmas)

It has a 12 x 12 block for each month of the year, along with numbers. So you can display the block or have a countdown to the holiday.
I started off with the Twins birthday blocks, which will be closely followed by a birthday block for Jaxon, my kids birthday's are too close together.
We are starting a new tradition of displaying the block on their birthday every year. I hope it will be something they look forward to. Twins have been excited to see the progress of their cupcakes as I've been working on them. And look done with a whole day to spare...

Now I have to work on preparations for a little princess/prince party tomorrow.