Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jax 9 months

Jax had his 9 month appointment not to long ago.
He stats are HT 29 1/4" WT 19lbs 7 ounces
He is happy, healthy and a joy. I love this stage, mostly. Jax just wants to crawl and explore, which makes sacrament meeting a little difficult. But at home keeps him busy till he is hungry or tired. A few times he just falls asleep on the floor.
This is how I found my little man one morning.
He wasn't happy when I walked away to get the camera.
Crazy hair I'm almost ready to cut.
He doesn't want us feeding him baby food anymore.
He wants to feed himself.
He crawls around and pulls up on everything.
I think he will be walking before his first birthday.

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