Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pictures from the last two days

So I decided to start using my camera again...
I love it when kids fall asleep in random places.
Jax fell asleep yesterday while Seth was vaccuming...Cooper too.
My cute boys. This was about the closest I could get Weston to Jaxon.
Looks like Jax likes his brother huh? Wes ignores him mostly.
The picture of Jax sleeping on the floor...this is what the twins were doing at the same time.
This morning Daddy was out "inspecting" his truck. The twins followed.
Sam has to wear a hat if Daddy is.
And this is what Jax was doing with me this morning.
I'm organizing my plastic cupboard to.
Jax loves the tupperware!
This wasn't actually this weekend. I think it was last week.
But aren't they cute? And they match my Americana living room.
3 kids in diapers!
Poor Sami - both brothers bugging her.
She loves it...

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