Saturday, August 20, 2011

I got a project DONE this weekend!

My house is cluttery, dusty and out of order. So I started organizing this weekend. I didn't get everything done. But I got started.
Hopefully I can get my house back to a condition that keeps me sane in the next month. My plan is to tackle a room a weekend.
I started with the twins room, because their toys are everywhere. Part of Jax's room and the living room were cleaned up by working on the toys. I've organized their cubbies before and taken pictures to make these tags before. But today I actually opened photoshop, created the tags, printed, laminated and attached. I feel very fulfilled. NEXT project please!

The twins were excited about the finished project too. A couple of the buckets have a picture of one item that's in the bucket. Weston's car bucket has a picture of his cars in the shape of an H. He opened the bucket and started pulling out cars that were in the picture and matching them. They are growing up...

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Unknown said...

love it! pictures on pins help my kids-i just need to reorganize everything now :)