Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Pics

Here are random pics I've managed to capture over the last month.
Sorry they are heavily Jax oriented. Can't help it. He is dang cute. As are my other kids, but well he was hogging the camera...
These are out of order, but hey out of order is better then nothing!
Jax is losing his long hair...But its curly so I have been giving him mohawks. This was a day old mohawk.
For those that don't know. I packed up one day and drove to Mesa the next about mid June. Yes me and 3 small kids. I needed a break and thought I could get one at my mom's house. For those of you who know my background, please talk me out of "that" destination next time!
Anyways this is Jax hanging with my brother Jeff.
After being at my mom's house blew up...we traveled to northern Arizona and had a VERY relaxing time at my uncles.
This is Jax showing me he is mobile. I laid him down on the carpet...he rolled....
Weston checking out a new Tacoma at the dealership while getting an oil change, day before we left. Notice he is in passenger seat...
Wylie summer reading program. Wes loved the juggler. Notice that mine are the only two standing...
Twins loved these big balls while we were traveling. I told them we could get some when we got back home. Sami and I went shopping at Target and she had to hold both of them. Can you find Sami?
Sami in driver seat in the Tacoma at the dealership. Think she is already taking after me...scary!
Kids playing with hats one day. Thought Jax made this look GOOOOD.
Jax and Daddy playing. He really wanted Dad's icicle.
Sami and her cars hat.
I didn't get a picture of her dressed in a summer dress, sandles, black wool hat and matching mittens when we went to Hobby Lobby the other day. But we got lots of smiles and comments from the other shoppers.
Jaxon being cute happy self...
And did I mention he is sitting up on his own now!

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Laura said...

You should enter jax in some kind of hair contest. It's out of control! So cute. Wish my babies had curly hair.