Monday, May 23, 2011

Jax - 6 months

HOW did he get to be SIX MONTHS already?
They look so dang cute wrapped up in towels. Smell good too.
Maybe that's why they look so good....hum...
All dressed and hair combed straight up. What's left...its falling out..tear...
love this boy!

Jax had his 6 month pediatrician appointment today
height - 27 1/2 - 75th percentile
weight - 16 lbs 14 1/2 oz - 25th percentile
doing great.

Compared to twins at this age he is an inch longer then Sami, but an inch shorter then Wes.
13 ounces heavier then Sami, but not nearly the 18 lbs, 12 oz of Wes.
Of course Jax doesn't scream at me to eat the way Wes did either.
He is way more active then the twins at this age. Rolling and moving off his play mat. Plays in the play gym for long periods of time. Doesn't want to nap...
Trying hard to sit up on his own, not quite there yet.
Happy and my little mama's boy.

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