Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toddler Beds

I've been putting it off for months...Tonight we finally turned the twins cribs into toddler beds...What is the first thing they do?...
Jump some more
Seth switched Sami's bed first, so while he is switching Weston's, they both pretend sleep in her bed.

So they are fighting there nap time now. I thought if we switched to toddler beds they would never nap again. Sam and Wes are 2 1/2, to early to dump nap time (in my opinion).
Normal bedtime routine, brush teeth, diaper change, put on jammies, scriptures, prayers, kisses and off to bed. Tonight we read scriptures in their room, knelt at their beds for prayers, kisses, tuck in bed and leave. Haven't heard a peep from them since. I expected coming out of their room a hundred times. (I'm sure that will still happen in the future) I don't think they actually slept during nap time today (helps with the falling asleep tonight). Seth thinks they were very excited to sleep in their "new" beds tonight. We'll see if they stay in bed all night. I'm interested to see when they will get out of bed in the morning, when they aren't stuck in bed til I get up...

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