Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So Sami got up from her nap a few Sundays back, wet everywhere. We were having a messy dinner or I couldn't find pj or I can't remember now...I decided to let her wear one of my shirts. I don't know running around in just her diaper is not modest...
I liked Wes' Risky Business look, all he needed was the sunglasses!
So he whined at me till he was matching his sister. I gave in and Seth rolled his eyes and made a comment about his son wearing girl shirts.
It's most likely my fault, I always want them to match. Look what I've started!

Can someone explain why they fold their arms when I want to take their picture and refuse during our nightly prayers? I was trying to get them to unfold their arms in this picture.
I thought his pouty lips were cute in this picture. Can't seem to manage his crazy hair.

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