Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jax 3 month picture

Just love this sweet little baby!
Look at all that old man hair, dimples and chub!
His smile was too BIG in a lot of poses in our photo shoot (Sami smiled, but Weston refused in their 3 month photos).The twins sat strapped into the stroller eating their lunch and being entertained by the photographer and I "gooing" at Jax. Luckily Jax got sick the day after the shoot and starting scratching his face after too. Not lucky that he got sick and started scratching his face, lucky he waited a day. I think he is over his cold that the twins gave him from sneezing on him. How do you keep sickness from spreading between 2 year olds and a baby? I thought since they normally leave him alone he would be safe. I think the problem is when I hold him to feed him the twins come up to me in my chair and cough, sneeze, wipe their name it.
Anyways I have extra wallets if anyone wants a picture of this cutie in their purses!

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Esther said...

what a cute "little man" with such bright eyes and and a happy smile. I'll always take a picture of one of my kidos.