Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since Daddy is already gone when we wake up. We did Valentine gifts last night. Which went great until they decided they wanted CANDY. But I'm not giving 2 year olds candy at 9 pm. This morning all dressed up for the day. Aren't they CUTE!
The best part of my day was the twins sitting at the breakfast table pointing to their shirts saying "like shirt"over and over again.
I made them each their own photo book. Which was a BIG hit.
I made valentine's to give to their friends at music makers today.
I made Seth a Candy Bouquet.
My plan was to deliver it at work, flowers are always delivered right? He felt left out last night with everyone getting a gift. I'm surprised, usually he is very patient and not wanting to do things early...wait he tried to talk me into Christmas early too...what's going on!

So I left Jax completely out. I could have made him an adorable XO onesie to match the twins but didn't think about it till today. Hope he'll forgive me.

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