Friday, February 4, 2011

Just Cuteness and snow

Miss Sami - I think they are growing up!
Trying to get a picture of a smiling baby is nearly impossible.
But I'll keep trying!
Don't you just love his hair? I do!
Wes - they both smile and say cheese whenever they see the camera.
The trick is to get them to smile while I'm actually taking the picture.
This is the view from my front porch today.

We have been stuck at home since Tuesday. The snow started last night. Before that it was icy roads. 20 degree weather and what the news calls hard freezing has stopped the master bathroom toilet and shower from working. Last weekend it was 70 degrees.

Seth tried to go to work yesterday, but a few miles away his truck started overheating. Really! 17 degrees outside and his truck is over heating! I hate that truck! So I bundled us up and Seth sat in a cold truck waiting 45 minutes for me to bring him some coolant and then he was able to drive his truck home.

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