Wednesday, February 9, 2011

another ice/snow day

So I took pictures and finished a project. I might get more done... I love it when my husband is home!
I gave Sami piggy tails today...
...loved that she kept saying "piggy" as I was doing her hair.
Wes I mean Gusgus loving his german pancakes.

(so I need to make an effort to call him Gus, as Sami is calling him "Hottie". Don't know where she came up with that. She can't say Weston or Wes, but she can say Gus. Weston just saw this picture, pointed and said "hottie foood". So now he is calling himself hottie. Maybe I just need to learn the twin language.)
Love Jax sticking up hair in the back, like alfalfa
Matching valentine shirts for the twins. I'll post pictures or them wearing on Monday. Along with the gift I made Seth!

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Laura said...

Your shirts turned out so cute. I might just pay you to make mine. =)