Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We have found a new love for hats lately...

Today the twins found their winter hats. They brought them to me to put them on.
The other day it was dads hats.
No hat....just cute.

When I finally figured that Sami saying "baby hat" meant she was trying to put a hat on Jax as his slept in his bouncy chair, I put an end to the hat play and put the twins down for their nap.
Don't judge me because they are still in their pj's at nap time. I'm still in my pj's too!


Brynn said...

I usually get Angie dressed, but I've been living in my pjs lately until I finally shower. Today that was around 3:30.

AZMarianos said...

There is nothing wrong with being in PJ's all day!! No judging here. :-)