Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time

Seth and I really enjoyed Christmas this year. The twins are at a great age. (Aside from the occasional tantrum). With Seth's paternity leave we spent a lot of time together at home.

Christmas Eve Day we made sugar cookies and let the kids frost a couple...
They mostly just ate the frosting.
Miss messy Sami
Weston is becoming our cookie monster!

We started the tradition a few years ago to have Japanese Hibachi for Christmas Eve dinner.
The other group at our table liked watching the twins reactions to the "show".
Sami loved the soup and got it everywhere. Wes wouldn't touch it.

We open our 1 gift Christmas Eve which is always PJ's. (what else are we to wear the next day?)
For some reason Wes would not pose for the picture.

Christmas Day
Wes loved the cars that were in his stocking. Probably didn't have to get him anything else.
Jaxon slept through the gift opening part of the day.
Our family Christmas morning 2010!

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