Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy shoppers

We were at Costco Thursday getting diapers. (Didn't want to run out while I was in the hospital.) The kids were being silly so I pulled out the camera and then they stopped. But they did let me get this cute picture.
If you notice the red mark above Sami's eye, that is from her falling down in a store last weekend.
The baby's room is ready. I have done the Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping. My hospital bag is packed. Seth has his schedule for next week hanging on the fridge. Now I just need my sicky Sami to get over her cold. I hate to leave her when she is sick.
Seth informed me that I can blog from my laptop in the hospital. So I will upload pictures as soon as I can on Monday!
I can't wait to meet this little boy!


AZMarianos said...

WOW! I cannot believe it's time already!! I can't wait to see pictures. Love ya!

Esther said...

That picture is adorable, come to think of it all the pictures you post of my niece and nephew are adorable. Look forward to seeing pictures of our new little boy. Love to you all.