Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I hope the kids enjoy Halloween next year because this year was a fight. I felt like such a mean mommy dressing up my kids and both of them crying as I'm dressing them and after until the costumes were off again.
Weston was a dinosaur.
Here daddy is comforting him the first time I put the costumes on them (a week before).
Sami was a fairy (upset also).
I never got a picture with her wearing the hat.
We pretended to trick or treat at our back door. They stopped crying only when they had candy in their mouths.
Sami and Wes at the church trunk or treat Saturday night. Sami was not shy about going around with daddy to all the cars. Wes stayed behind with me at first and helped me hand out candy.
He was very helpful and CUTE!
After all the candy is gone.
Sami loved that sugar stick, Wes is holding on tight to the bag of candy.
Back in the car, candy in hand ready to go home.
Don't they look like they enjoyed themselves?

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CoryEllen said...

OMG Wes looks so grown up with all that hair. They have lost their baby looks. And they'll look absolutely huge once the tiny new baby gets here. Miss you guys!