Friday, October 8, 2010

Twins 2nd Birthday

Birthday kids in front of their banner this morning. They woke up to the banner hanging from the mantle and kept pointing at it and talking gibberish.
Seth took the day off and wanted to take them on an outing. But he was still on call so we went to Bouncetown here in Wylie. Last time we were there Sami and Wes didn't care for the bounce stuff and stayed in the toddler area. This trip was the same...
They both really enjoyed the air hockey table.

We went to Chick a fil a for lunch and put them down for naps when we got home. They woke from their naps to balloons and gifts.

We had a couple friends over for cake and ice cream. I made two cupcake cakes. And have decided that they will get their own cake every year. Why? I don't know why...

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Sammi & Weston! Looks like a fun day :)