Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three week trip - Arizona, Idaho and Utah

Both Grandma's are threatening me that they need grandtwin pictures. So here are the pictures when we came to visit you!
Sami's new face when I try to take her picture. This is at my mom's house in Arizona. I found this cute dress at Kohls.
Wes and Sami wearing hats. Yes this is right after I did Sami's hair, right before church.
At my brothers in Rexburg.
I think Wes is saying MY CAR - NO TOUCH!
Such a silly boy!
Mandi and I seem to like the same outfits for our girls. Funny thing is when we dressed them alike they played together most of the day.
I was excited we were going to be in Idaho for the 24th of July, as our 4th celebrations in Texas were rained on.
Mandi handing out snacks to the young-ins before the parade started.
Megan and Sami at the Idaho Falls Zoo. Not quite the Dallas Zoo. But not nearly as hot either!Sami found my pen and wrote on her face while we were Walmart shopping before the reunion.
At Seth's parents in Utah. Wes LOVED running and playing in the water outside.
Sami stood and watched!
Twins checking out the tracks and rocks at the golden spike park.
We picked Seth up at the airport the day before. I don't know who was more excited. Daddy to see kids or kids to see Daddy. He was happy to and the kids demanded to both be held by dad!
In the hotel on the way home. Pretty happy after traveling all day in the car.
So happy they travel well. Must be in the genes.

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