Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shop Hop

My friends took me on a shop hop a couple weekends ago...

The North Texas Shop Hop consists of traveling to 13 different quilt shops around the metroplex in 3 days. At each shop you get to choose a free fat quarter and a block pattern that when finished is the quilt we are standing in front of. We decided in order to get to every shop we would need to see a few on Friday. So we took our kids to 3 shops Friday and childless saw the other 10 on Saturday. (Saturday was more fun!)
After visiting all 13 shops you get entered to win a gift basket full of 300 dollars worth of quilting supplies...
And I WON!
Of course I had to drive to Whitesboro (hour and half one way) to pick it up. But my kids seem to enjoy roadtrips...crazy huh!

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