Monday, June 14, 2010


I love watching my husband play with our kids. Something I wished for a very long time.
Thought you would enjoy the laughter!


Unknown said...

so cute, it is so funny the things that they get tickled at. Hope you are starting to feel better! Miss you!

Del and Tina said...

That is so CUTE! :) Loved it! --Tina

AZMarianos said...

Hey friend! So I got your message but with my night shifts I haven't been able to call you back. When I finally have time to call it's usually about 3AM and I don't think you would appreciate that. :-) But, my last day for the week is Thursday night so Friday I should be calling you. If I don't please call me Friday night. I miss you! And I have fun news for you...we need to talk!