Monday, June 14, 2010


I love watching my husband play with our kids. Something I wished for a very long time.
Thought you would enjoy the laughter!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial weekend in Atlanta

We loaded up the car and drove 12 hours to Atlanta over Memorial weekend. Why you ask? Seth had a four day weekend and wanted to go somewhere. In the almost 5 years now that we have lived in Texas, Seth has wanted to visit his Grandma and Aunt who live there.
Our family at the World of Coca Cola.
I know I'm a Pepsi fan, but was still very intrigued by this attraction.

So the twins were asleep when we got to the Margaret Mitchell house. So I went inside and looked in the gift shop and Seth took my picture outside.
Our family with Seth's grandma.
We had a lot of fun on our trip and would like to go back when we can stay longer.
Thanks Aunt Suzie and Uncle Bob we had so much fun!

Another haircut

...This time not so cute.
I am determined to learn how to cut little boys hair. I bought some clippers and scissors this week and this morning I went to work.
I have decided though, that I don't like Weston with a buzz cut. Hopefully it will grow back soon. But I'm going to keep trying...