Monday, March 1, 2010

Card tables and wagons

So one morning last week. Don't ask me which day, they all blur together. I got out the card table and this tent cover that my brothers and I used to play with. Funny I remember the little play house being bigger on the inside!
Happy Wes looking through the window
This kid screams regardless if he is happy or sad. He happy screamed the whole time it was up and cried when I took it down.
Are you looking at me?
So we organized our garage this weekend. I have been trying to organize my room at a time, when I can. The garage was getting a lot of clutter with all the left overs from the house. Plus my new van needs more room then the Vue did. This was my way of keeping the kids entertained while we cleaned...strapped in the wagon watching the bubble machine. Thanks Grandma, twins love the bubbles.

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SJ Hollist said...

You mean that was the way you kept them entertained so I could pretend to watch them while you came and went in and out of the house...