Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arizona in March

We drove to Mesa without Seth. We meaning the twins, my friend and her two kids.
Sami at my favorite restaurant...Tia Rosas.
Weston looks like he likes it too!
We took them to the park after lunch. The weather was beautiful the whole trip.
They find the funniest things amusing!
Wes and Sami at the monthly Farr family home evening.
Thanks for including us Gary and Stacey!
Morgan and Devin, my friend Lori and her kids met us at this awesome train park in Scottsdale.
Porter and Cameron. All sweet, good looking, happy kids. And oh so helpful with playing with my kids and pushing their strollers! Love you guys!
Arriving back home. Sami, Tava, Michelle and Weston. My kids both got sick in Arizona. The drive home was a bit rougher then the drive out. I think it went smoothly considering the young child to adult ratio. Michelle and I were both missing our husbands by this point. I don't think I'll travel with the kids without Seth until the kids are...18!

Lamb Lady Luncheon

This is the reason for my recent trip to Arizona. The 8th annual Lamb Lady Luncheon. My first since I moved away 10 years ago. It was so much fun!
All the Lamb Great-Grand Girls.
Sami and Emily were matching in their black striped with bright pink accent outfits AND not wanting to be in this picture.
Seems Mandi and I have the same taste in little girl clothes. We keep meeting in Arizona and dressing our baby girls to match.
Megan with her Lamb lady quilt.
Megan, Emily and Sami all went home with one of these CUTE quilts.
Weston was kind of a lone boy at the event. My aunt assured me the rule is boys are allowed until the age of ten! Plus I wanted my aunts and cousins to meet the twins.
My Grandma Lamb, my mom and my daughter.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Card tables and wagons

So one morning last week. Don't ask me which day, they all blur together. I got out the card table and this tent cover that my brothers and I used to play with. Funny I remember the little play house being bigger on the inside!
Happy Wes looking through the window
This kid screams regardless if he is happy or sad. He happy screamed the whole time it was up and cried when I took it down.
Are you looking at me?
So we organized our garage this weekend. I have been trying to organize my room at a time, when I can. The garage was getting a lot of clutter with all the left overs from the house. Plus my new van needs more room then the Vue did. This was my way of keeping the kids entertained while we cleaned...strapped in the wagon watching the bubble machine. Thanks Grandma, twins love the bubbles.