Monday, February 22, 2010

Utah, Idaho and Christmas

After a long day of flying. This is what Sami looks like before we are out of the airport parking lot.
Weston liked Grandma Hollist's little chair.
Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Hollist.
Emily, Cody, Weston, Austin and Sami keeping busy at the Lamb's.
Sami loved Megan's pink boots. She figured out how to walk in them eventually.
Christmas morning with all the Lambs.
Three little babies snug in their...highchairs?
Where we going now mom?
Trying to get a picture of all Grandma Carolyn's grandchildren.
Got Sami these cool boots at Walmart since she liked Megan's so much. If she see's them and they are not on her feet. She makes me put them on her.
Look Dad I'm reading the paper!
"I'm living in a in a cardboard box"
Weston's first hair cut...done by Grandpa Hollist. The minute I conceded to cutting his hair. Grandpa ran for the scissors. Wouldn't let him finish eating first.
Hollist Family.
I got the kids a wagon for Christmas on black Friday. That is a whole other story! But we didn't give it to them until we got home from Utah. They love it. We have yet to use the wagon outside of the house. Waiting for some better weather.

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