Monday, February 22, 2010

Catching up - Thanksgiving 2009

We tried to get pictures of our Thanksgiving dinner. But to see everyone you have to look at all of these...
Joan, Monica (holding Sydney) Trevor and the red sleeve is Jared's elbow. (Sorry Jared)
Monica, Sydney, Trevor and Eliot.
That is sparkling cider on the table for those who think I have takin up drinking.
We merged a few traditions...cider is from the Doot's.
Miss Norah. Norah and I have a bond.
Problem is I have 2 arms and when Norah is around 3 kids. Such a sweet girl!
Weston, Sami and Theo
See me sticking out my tongue? Can't wait for the monkey bread.
It's not Thanksgiving for me without monkey bread. And Grandma it's not that hard to make!
Monica is thinking...that's alot of food. Do I have to eat all that?
I think we are working on the Turkey. Not sure why he is acting tough.

Sooooo Thankful for our friends.
When family is so far away I am happy for the great friends we have found in Texas!

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SJ Hollist said...

I was acting tough because everyone else was being too big of a wimp to pull the gizzards out of the turkey...