Tuesday, February 23, 2010

16 months old - and caught up on blogging

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Both Grandmas reprimanded me for not posting and that they look at the blog daily looking for new pictures. All I can say is that twin infants are easier then twin toddlers!
Sami and Sidny again. (Ok this one is posed) Think they look good together!
Look at all that snow in our backyard. Come on if I wanted snow in February I would still live in Utah....hee hee
Oh this little girl loves her daddy. Love this picture of them.
Valentine's day. I opted not for candy and gave the kids toys for this holiday instead. They both fight over that bus. The tractor that Wes is holding hardly gets touched.
Hollist Grandparents Christmas present finally purchased and assembled. They love this table but they stand on the chairs and climb on the table. Oh did I mention I put this up the day Wes got his stitches out! What was I thinking?
Don't think Seth has seen this picture yet. I couldn't help it. Weston sat so still on my lap one day, so I gave him a ponytail. Didn't want him to feel left out.


The Martin Family said...

YES, twin infants are easier than twin toddlers. And I hate to break it to you, but at the age of 2 and 3 it's even harder. I sometimes wish they were babies again. But, then again I do also have another 2 year old!

When I read your blog, it sounds like my life all over again. Your kids are so cute. Keep having fun!

Esther said...

Wes may need another Grandpa Hollist haircut :) That is pretty cute and funny. Miss you guys.

SJ Hollist said...

It's definitely time for another hair cut if you can do that!!