Tuesday, February 23, 2010

15 months old

Playgroup at Bounce Town in Wylie
Sami had fun with Trevor going through the maze.
...and playing in the toddler area.
Weston was content in the toddler area. He went through the maze once and was done.
I put pants on their heads while getting ready for bed and they eat it up!
Don't forget about me. I need pants on my head too!
Whatcha doing mommy?
The only way I can get anything done on my computer or in my craft room, is with this baby gate up. Most often I just wait till they are asleep.
Cooper's chair became the new toy one day. Maybe I'm over protective. Maybe I'm scared of another ER visit but Cooper's chair is now safely in Seth's office.
Sidny and Sami. I really think she has eyes for him. She is quite often next to this cute baby.

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SJ Hollist said...

That picture of Sami in the Arch is awesome. You should frame it or something.