Tuesday, February 23, 2010

16 months old - and caught up on blogging

Sorry for the long delay in posting. Both Grandmas reprimanded me for not posting and that they look at the blog daily looking for new pictures. All I can say is that twin infants are easier then twin toddlers!
Sami and Sidny again. (Ok this one is posed) Think they look good together!
Look at all that snow in our backyard. Come on if I wanted snow in February I would still live in Utah....hee hee
Oh this little girl loves her daddy. Love this picture of them.
Valentine's day. I opted not for candy and gave the kids toys for this holiday instead. They both fight over that bus. The tractor that Wes is holding hardly gets touched.
Hollist Grandparents Christmas present finally purchased and assembled. They love this table but they stand on the chairs and climb on the table. Oh did I mention I put this up the day Wes got his stitches out! What was I thinking?
Don't think Seth has seen this picture yet. I couldn't help it. Weston sat so still on my lap one day, so I gave him a ponytail. Didn't want him to feel left out.

15 months old

Playgroup at Bounce Town in Wylie
Sami had fun with Trevor going through the maze.
...and playing in the toddler area.
Weston was content in the toddler area. He went through the maze once and was done.
I put pants on their heads while getting ready for bed and they eat it up!
Don't forget about me. I need pants on my head too!
Whatcha doing mommy?
The only way I can get anything done on my computer or in my craft room, is with this baby gate up. Most often I just wait till they are asleep.
Cooper's chair became the new toy one day. Maybe I'm over protective. Maybe I'm scared of another ER visit but Cooper's chair is now safely in Seth's office.
Sidny and Sami. I really think she has eyes for him. She is quite often next to this cute baby.

Family Pictures

Sunday after Christmas. My Grandma made Sami's dress. I just love it.
Christmas morning 2009

Monday, February 22, 2010

Utah, Idaho and Christmas

After a long day of flying. This is what Sami looks like before we are out of the airport parking lot.
Weston liked Grandma Hollist's little chair.
Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Hollist.
Emily, Cody, Weston, Austin and Sami keeping busy at the Lamb's.
Sami loved Megan's pink boots. She figured out how to walk in them eventually.
Christmas morning with all the Lambs.
Three little babies snug in their...highchairs?
Where we going now mom?
Trying to get a picture of all Grandma Carolyn's grandchildren.
Got Sami these cool boots at Walmart since she liked Megan's so much. If she see's them and they are not on her feet. She makes me put them on her.
Look Dad I'm reading the paper!
"I'm living in a box....living in a cardboard box"
Weston's first hair cut...done by Grandpa Hollist. The minute I conceded to cutting his hair. Grandpa ran for the scissors. Wouldn't let him finish eating first.
Hollist Family.
I got the kids a wagon for Christmas on black Friday. That is a whole other story! But we didn't give it to them until we got home from Utah. They love it. We have yet to use the wagon outside of the house. Waiting for some better weather.

Stitches times two

Sami and Wes have each had an Er visit and stitches...two months apart.
The fall happened on December 9th. This was from our Christmas card "photo shoot" days before.
She tripped and fell and hit her nose on the corner of our end table. I was out of the room with Wes. So we can't blame it on him. I noticed that she actually is a bit clumsy and falls alot. Pair that with being a bit fearless and I'm afraid this won't be our last visit.
Before the Plastic surgeon stitched her up. Weird watching your baby get drugged up. She handled it all like the sweet little thing she is.
10 stitches later.
She got the kind that dissolved, so we didn't have to deal with getting them removed. We had many nights afterward when she would roll over on her face and woke up screaming.
Playing at a friends days latter. The whole episode was more traumatic for me then for her.
Took these a few days ago. Doctor said the scar would be red for a year. But it has already faded and you really have to look to see it.
Weston months before his fall. On February 8th he had a fight with the fireplace and well...Wes lost. I have more guilt involved with his fall, since he was leaning on a pillow that I pulled out from under him...Yep I'm a bad mom, I know. Patience (that I don't have) gets thin with walking, climbing twins...
Before the ER doctor stitched him up.
Only 5 stitches later.
He's not going to compete with his sister about the number of stitches they have had, right?
His stitches had to be removed and we replaced with steri strips which he still has now.
Wes itches his head alot, but we haven't had alot of waking up in the middle of the night.
My silly scarred children playing...

Out-takes from the Christmas card

Why is Sami's favorite toy my empty drink bottle?
Wes finally gave me a smile. But he is no where near his sister.
...screaming actually. I just took his book away
Sami just wanted to climb
and climb...at least she was happy
her pretty nose before the fall...more to come on that
Ok mom I'll sit up here, but the books are coming with me.