Monday, October 12, 2009


My mom came to visit about a week before the twins birthday. So we celebrated with her. Opened presents and ate cupcakes.
On their actual birthday, the twins opened gifts from Seth and I. Then I took them to the mall to the play area and we had lunch with friends. I also took them to Toys R us and they did "a little" something for the kids.

Gotta have pink and blue cupcakes. Didn't get totally creative.
Sami picked at her cupcake, while...
Weston picked his up by the frosted side and stuffed it in his mouth.
Sami opening gifts from Grandma
Weston not sure what's happening. But he LIKES the book.
Twins on their birthday morning. Still not sure what to do!
Sami walking with her new dolly stroller
This is what Toys R Us gave them...
...crowns that they wore for 2 seconds.
Weston at the play area.
Sami eating one of her new little people toys.

We didn't do a party for the Twins this year. Partly I was tired, partly Seth was working on his newly purchased used truck and partly because the family is just to dang far away!

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AZMarianos said...

Happy first birthday kiddies!! They just get cuter each time I see pictures!!