Monday, October 12, 2009


My mom came to visit about a week before the twins birthday. So we celebrated with her. Opened presents and ate cupcakes.
On their actual birthday, the twins opened gifts from Seth and I. Then I took them to the mall to the play area and we had lunch with friends. I also took them to Toys R us and they did "a little" something for the kids.

Gotta have pink and blue cupcakes. Didn't get totally creative.
Sami picked at her cupcake, while...
Weston picked his up by the frosted side and stuffed it in his mouth.
Sami opening gifts from Grandma
Weston not sure what's happening. But he LIKES the book.
Twins on their birthday morning. Still not sure what to do!
Sami walking with her new dolly stroller
This is what Toys R Us gave them...
...crowns that they wore for 2 seconds.
Weston at the play area.
Sami eating one of her new little people toys.

We didn't do a party for the Twins this year. Partly I was tired, partly Seth was working on his newly purchased used truck and partly because the family is just to dang far away!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


This is how we watched 2 seconds of conference.
"Look we figured out how to open the cupboards!"
"Would you like to see my red walker toy mom?"
"Stuff's got to be better on the other side of this gate.
How do we get there?"
"I know...I make this look good!"
"Not sure why mom put this thing on my head. But I like this shoe. "
Wes loves books. Sami loves walking with her hippo. (the blue toy is a hippo)
"Wait Sami my truck broke down!"
I love that they play together. Normally happily.
I would prefer them not to tear apart my kitchen though...

My good looking kids

Yeah... I have to apologize again. I know you want to see pictures of the twins. I'm going to blame my sweet, messy eating, loves to pull all my plastic dishes out of my island, crawling way too fast for me almost one year olds. Well when I write this they are not one yet.
Here are some of my favorite (ten) month pictures...
Weston dressed up for church and very intrigued in his shoes.
Love the expression. Our day at Dallas Arboretum
Sami is always so smiley.
...And she loves her Daddy!
I liked that Sami was holding on to Wes's foot in this picture.
I think we were actually on time to church this day.
We toured the Christmas Carol train that came to Dallas. I love that Sami has Wes's binky upside down in her mouth, but also holding hers in her other hand.
They have both since given up on the binky's.