Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Shower

After years of shying away from the dreaded baby shower...I gave a surprise shower for my friend Monica on Saturday. (now she is not speaking to me...=)

disclaimer: Please do not take the above statement too seriously. I was teasing. She is speaking to me and very appreciative of the shower.

For all of you who know I have been working on this for a few months now. I wanted to post some pictures. I think it was a big success. The expectant mother was totally surprised and we had a great turn out of friends and a surprise guest. Monica's sister Leah flew in from Utah.
I can't take all the credit for the shower, I had help from some good friends in the ward.

My lack of blogging can most likely be attributed to this shower. In adjusting to my new job I find that I like doing projects. So I made a few decorations. I forgot to take pictures of everything I made. But here is the first one...
The Diaper cake. This was fun and easier then I expected.
Look at all this yummy food. Laura was in charge of the food and Oh was it good!
I filled my normally patriotic mantle up with pumpkins.
I have to say I have found a new admiration for pumpkins (don't tell Monica)
We set up tables in my living room.
Monica and her sister Leah.

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AZMarianos said...

So, when did you get so crafty?? That diaper cake is adorable! I'm super impressed. Miss you and love you tons!! :-)