Saturday, June 13, 2009

Utah Trip

We drove to Utah last week for 2 reasons; to visit the grandparents and as a birthday present to Seth (he misses the mountains). You would think that we would have a horrible time traveling 22+ hours each way with 7 month old twins....but they must take after their mother, and love road trips!
Weston was smiling MOST of the trip!
Samantha just loves her tongue. 
Grandma Rand and Grandma Marla fighting over Sami. I kept telling them we have two babies!
Such a handsome boy in a hat.
Sporting her serious look, or made it was nap time?
Spent a day with the Lambs. 
Sami, Justin and Emily.
Grandma Carolyn's Grandkids
Cody, Samantha, Austin, Emily, Megan and Weston
Emily and me. We think the 3 babies all have the same chin. 
Pictures with the Grandparents at Esther's graduation party.
Babies getting more mobile. We let the babies stretch and roll Sunday night when we got home before we put them to bed. I love watching them starting to interact with each other. 

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