Saturday, March 28, 2009


I tried to decorate the helmets myself. I would love to be good at crafts, but my skills are lacking. I started out by painting Sami's helmet pink, but it looked horrible and luckily just washed off. The stickers were supposed to be the finishing touch to a pink and blue helmet, but at least they are not all white. Cars stickers for Wes and hearts and butterflies for Sami. My goal next week is to trade out the stickers for vinyl along with cleaning my house. Will see if I can get either accomplished, I'll keep you posted. 
I can touch my brother and my toes, at the same time.
Movin boy. Happy girl
Yeah my thumb tastes good. Mom doesn't feed us enough!

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Coree Adams said...

Hey did you know I sell vinyl decals for DOC Bands? Ashlee had to have one too. They look so cute in them!!! Go to How long do they think they need to wear them for? Ash wore hers for 3 1/2 months and probably should have gotten a second one, but didn't. I am so happy with did it though!